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Hi, I'm Petar and I have dedicated my entire professional and personal orientation toward developing myself into not only being the best possible designer I can be, but being one step ahead of the curve at all times.

It is my personal choice not to have any single goal or idol, because I believe that once you reach your goal
and surpass it you will start to stagnate; instead I have a direction in which I am developing my talent hoping it
will always bring unique and measurable results to my clients.

For me, true success comes from giving 200% on all projects I accept to work on. That means keeping an eye
on all the small details within the design and creating something that makes sense for both the users and

I don't think that there are small or big clients, instead I choose to work only on opportunities that excite me,
because that excitement translates into passion which allows me to create something unique - something that
creates a memorable effect on anyone who sees it.

make awesome

short bio

Why should you choose me to develop your Digital Products, your Mobile Apps, Illustrations? Why choose                for your Web Development, or even for Motion Graphic? my team

Before I even started freelancing, I finished the Faculty of Computer Science and became a Digital Graphics
& Design graduate… Since I was a kid I wanted to be a designer. So during the study, I’ve spent full 3 years working and designing exclusive kitchens for select clientele. I also have “agency experience” as I’ve spent
over a year in a creative agency as a junior designer.

After almost 5 years of professional working experience - both as an “offline” designer and a designer for an agency, I quit my job and started my own journey as a full time freelancer… it took me a while, years in fact,
but I have overcome all challenges and successfully built together a fantastic team around me - and in the last
4 years it all paid off and we’ve done some incredible things together. And now I am able to provide a full
digital experience and service for all your design needs.

let's rock

If you just want to say “hi”, or you have a project that you would like to get me involved in, please don't be shy and contact me at:

Also please do not hesitate to check my work on Behance and Dribbble profiles in the links below, ping
me through those profiles or contact me directly so that we can make something cool and awesome together!

the future is

What you want.
So don't be lazy and
make your sh.t happen!
Petar Stojakovic
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